I don’t know why my father bought her that canary.

Arrow Ladies + Text Posts

Top 10 Arrow Characters (as voted by my followers)
09. Laurel Lance
“One thing that I’ve learned in the past year is that these things - they don’t break us, they make us who we are. ”


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favourite character meme | seven scenes [1/7]

"You had an affair with Malcolm Merlyn. One year before Thea was born. Merlyn is Thea’s father." "I can see why Walter and Oliver have such a high appraisal of your capabilities."

Arrow Ladies + Text Posts (part two)

Fangirl Challenge - [3/10 Female Characters] - Laurel Lance


Favorite outfits:
Felicity Smoak, Arrow » 2x08


arrow meme | five quotes [4/5]

"i was a lot like you." "is that why you saved me from those guys that night?" "no woman should ever suffer at the hands of men.”